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Yu-Gi-Oh! - Boosters Anglais - Boite De 24 Boosters Shadow Specters (Spectres De L'ombre en Anglais)

Boosters Anglais Boite De 24 Boosters Shadow Specters (Spectres De L'ombre en Anglais)

* Livraison offerte en France Métropolitaine

72,00 €


La livraison est offerte à partir de 30 € (en France Métropolitaine)

EAN : 4012927342381

Voici la prochaine extension Yu-gi-oh! : Spectres de l'Ombre !

• Thirteen is the spookiest number of all. So in the year 2013, it’s no surprise that Halloween time is going to be something special, at least in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME!
• This year, Trick-or-Treating for your monsters won’t stop on October 31. It will last through the whole holiday season, thanks to the ghosts and ghouls in the year’s final booster set: Shadow Specters!
• For Duelists wanting scary with a serious face, Vampires are front and center in this set, with a whole series of new Vampire monsters, spells, and traps (first previewed with the Vampire Kingdom preview card, releasing in Judgment of the Light Deluxe Edition). If you like a more whimsical All-Hallows’ experience, check out the pranks and mischief of the lovable Ghostrick monsters.

Boite de 24 Boosters en Anglais
Dans la limite des stocks disponibles !

100 Nouvelles carte :
48 Cartes Communes
20 Cartes rares
14 Cartes super rares
10 Cartes Ultra rares
8 cartes secrètes rares

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