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CardFight Vanguard - Cartes à l'Unité Anglais

V-BT04 - Vilest! Deletor1072019
V-BT03 - Miyaji Academy CF Club992019
V-BT02 - Strongest! Team AL4842018
V-GM - Imaginary Gift502018
V-EB02 - Champions of the Asia Circuit642018
V-EB01 - The Destructive Roar722018
G-EB02 - The Awakening Zoo762018
G-BT09 - Divine Dragon Caper1372016
G-RC01 - Revival Collection502016
G-CB04 - Gear of Fate632016
G-BT08 - Absolute Judgment1432016
G-TCB02 - The Genius Strategy902016
G-CB03 - Blessing of Divas782016
G-BT07 - Glorious Bravery of Radiant Sword1412016
G-FC03 - Fighter's Collection 2016512016
G-SD02 - Knight Of The Sun192016
G-TD08 - Vampire Princess Of The Nether Hour522016
G-BT06 - Transcension Of Blade & Blossom1092016
G-SD01 - Odyssey Of The Interspatial Dragon522016
G-TCB01 - The Reckless Rampage752016
G-BT05 - Moonlit Dragonfang1042016
G-TD07 - Illusionist of the Crescent Moon522015
G-TD06 - Rallying Call Of The Interspectral Dragon522015
G-CMB01 - Vanguard & Deletor512015
G-BT04 - Soul Strike Against The Supreme1042015
G-BT03 - Sovereign Star Dragon1042015
G-TD05 - Fateful Star Messiah522015
G-TD03 - Flower Maiden of Purity522015
PR - Promo9992014
BT04 - Eclipse of Illusionary Shadows942012